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The Floral Revolution!



20+ Expert Presentations & Interviews Over 4 Days!


Day 1 - Aug 23rd - Business & Mindset! (Exact Times are subject to change)

Getting re-focused in a Covid World

Session Starts 10am EST

The Journey to Success:

Creating the Career you Love!

Shawn Michael Foley AIFD PFCI

Transformational Author & Career Coach

Tonneli Grutter
Director of Marketing - Florists Review

The American Flower Farm Boom

Session Starts 11am EST

Cultivating Relationships with Your Local Growers

Growth does not automatically equal Good!

Session Starts 12pm EST

Scaling Your Business to the Perfect Size

Andreia Muller AIFD FSMD
Owner - The Flower Studio

Gina Thresher AIFD EMC
Owner - From the Ground Up Floral Media

Kids, Homeschooling, Weddings, Podcasts... Oh My!

Session Starts 1pm EST

The Juggling Act to be a Successful Mompreneur!

Now more than ever we must empathize with clients

Session Starts 2pm EST

Elevating Client Culture in Crisis

Ursula Gunther CFD RN
Owner - Fleurs D.C. 

Shamay Andrich AIFD
Freelance Floral Artist

Full-time Freelancing is truly an art of its own

Session Starts 3pm EST

Flourishing in Freelance

Don't let your head override your heart

Session Starts 4pm EST

Trusting Your Gut - Making Confident Decisions

Natalie Pereman

Transformational Author & Entrepreneur

Join Today's Top Experts for our Live Q & A

Session Starts 5:30 pm EST


Day 2 - Aug 24th Design & Creativity! Part 1 (Exact Times are subject to change)

Creative Vocabulary to Enhance Your Brand

Session Starts 10am EST

A Bouquet of Words

Debra Prinzing

Writer, Speaker & Slow Flower Advocate

Brenna Quan AIFD
International Floral Educator

Floral Art vs Every day Design

Session Starts 11am EST

For Floral Arts' Sake!

Essential Oils Specialist & Consultant

Session Starts 12pm EST

Boosting Creativity & Productivity with Aromatherapy

Stacy Weinstein
Owner - Hello Healing

Fabian Salcedo
Owner - F2 Floral Design

Bringing Unique Concept to Everyday Designs

Session Starts 1pm EST

Found In Translation

Have fun with your designs and fuel your excitement

Session Starts 2pm EST

Focusing on the Fun Factor!

Sheryl Doerr AIFD
Floral Designer, Educator & Overall Floral Enthusiast!

Rebecca Raymond EMC
Floral Educator, Mentor & Entrepreneur

Make intricate details now to use later!

Session Starts 3pm EST

Capitalizing on Downtime to elevate your designs!

Join Today's Top Experts for Our Live Q & A

Session Starts 5:30 pm EST

Design & Creativity Part 1

Day 3 - Aug 25th Design & Creativity! Part 2 (Exact Times are subject to change)

Channeling your creativity through Astrology

Session Starts 10am EST

Cosmic Creativity

Laurie Zelinski

Shawn Michael Foley AIFD PFCI
Transformational Author & Creative Career Coach

Conveying your Concepts Quickly & Easily

Session Starts 11am EST

Just Sketch It Out!

Using the Power of 3!

Session Starts 12pm EST

Cultivating Your Creativity

Sharrai Morgan-Faulkner AIFD
Floral Designer & Creativity Specialist

Phil Rulloda AIFD
Floral Legend, Mentor & Teacher

Southern California School of Floral Design

Quick, Easy leaf manipulations to set you apart from the competition!

Session Starts 1pm EST

Money DOES Grow on Trees!

Showcasing floral art in new ways in the home!

Session Starts 2pm EST

Taking Your Flowers to the Wall

Jim Martin EMC

Owner - Compost in My Shoe

Yvonne Ashton

Mayesh Marketing Manager 

We all need some help with our Websites!

Session Starts 3pm EST

Making Your Website Work Better For You!

Join Today's Top Experts for Our Live Q & A

Session Starts 5:30 pm EST

Design & Creativity Part 2

Day 4 - Aug 26th Tech & Time Management   (Exact Times are subject to change)

Time Management can actually be easy!

Session Starts 10am EST

Time Blocking & Productivity for the Artistic Mind

Anahit Hakobyan AIFD EMC
Co-Founder - Floral Success Institute

Gina Thresher AIFD EMC
Owner - From the Ground Up Floral Media

Using the 6 buckets of creativity!

Session Starts 11am EST

Overcoming the Fear of Creating Content

Speaking & Presenting

Session Starts 12pm EST

Finding Your Voice - The Art of Speaking

Julia Schmitt AIFD EMC PFCI
Educator, Presenter & Speaker

Courtney Bowlden
Photographer & Entrepreneur

Photography & Instagram

Session Starts 1pm EST

Photography & Instagram

New features & enhancements of Details Flowers!

Session Starts 2pm EST

Boosting Your Success!

Corrine Heck
Owner - Details Flowers

Samantha Smith
Attorney at Law

Finding the right attorney for your business needs!

Session Starts 3pm EST

Covering Your Bases

Taking the Fear out of Being on Camera!

Session Starts 4pm EST

Presenting Better on Video

Shawn Michael Foley AIFD PFCI

Transformational Author & Creative Career Coach

Join Today's Top Experts for our Live Q & A

Session Starts 5:30 pm EST

Tech, Workflow & Time Management


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